About Mill Street Textiles

Mill Street Textiles brings together the rich textile history of New York’s Battenkill River Valley with US manufacturing and heritage craftsmanship to create timeless, durable wares for you and your home.

Then and Now
Powered by the Battenkill River early cotton and flax mills that operated here were once a stronghold of the US’s manufacturing. Today, through reshoring and the efforts of people passionate about local fiber, mills and manufacturing have come back to the area – and our retail outlet, Mill Street Textiles, began.

The majority of our fiber comes from small, local farmers and is gathered from many heritage sheep breeds as well as alpacas, angora rabbits, mohair, and more. Our partner farms take loving care of their animals. We carefully sort and select the fiber to best fit the end use and design. We are lucky to find most of what we need in our local fiber community. When we must look further afield, it is always with the purpose of creating a long lasting, quality product that both enhances and simplifies our customer’s lives. While we do dye some of our yarn we also leave a good portion of it undyed as we are constantly inspired by the beauty and variety of the natural colors of the fibers. Learn more about how our yarn is processed at Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill.

Our Craftsmen Partners
From the first blend of our fiber we consider what the final product will be. Once the yarn is made it is often handed off to our manufacturing partners who apply their expert knowledge in pattern and design ensuring that our products are created with an eye for color, pattern, and silhouette.  From handmade to machine, our products are always crafted with great care and the highest consideration of design and function. We hope they bring as much joy to your life as it brings to us in making them.